When students with significant emotional disabilities require intensive services and supports beyond what is available in their neighborhood school or through a center-based program, they may receive special education services through Arrowhead School. 

Arrowhead is a Kindergarten thru 12th grade special education program located in the old Arrowhead Elementary building.  Arrowhead opened its doors in August 2017 and serves SMSD students only.

Arrowhead integrates trauma-informed therapeutic strategies combined with academic instruction to support and or develop students’ abilities to self-regulate, which enables them to be more successful. The goal is to regulate and reintegrate into general education settings.  Students and families receive an array of behavioral and mental health services within the school and through partnerships in the community.

Consideration to attend Arrowhead a student must:
     - be enrolled in a Shawnee Mission public school,
     - have an Individual Education Plan (IEP), and
     - referred by the home school's IEP team.

For more information contact the student's home school special education department or contact Robert Shackelford, Principal at Arrowhead School, RobertShackelford@smsd.org.